A plant which prevent soil erosion



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    All plants can help prevent soil erosion! Think of plant roots as a kind of underground network that helps to stabilize dirt. This is why fast growing, hardy exotic plants like ice plant are often used along freeways. Good city planning can also implement vegetative barriers along roadsides to keep soil and pollutants out of gutters. Even seemingly simple plants like grasses can be used in these barriers.

    Aside from their roots, plant canopies also help mitigate erosion. A tree canopy, for example, can slow down rainwater before it hits the ground. Leaves and branches lessen the impact of raindrops on the ground and help make the soil more permeable, so that the water sinks into the soil instead of running off downslope and taking dirt with it.

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    All plants prevent soil erosion. The roots of plants stabilize the soil  by attaching itself to the dirt and holding it in place. Here are some great plants that are known to be very efficient in preventing erosion.

    1. Grasses.

    2. Groundcovers which are leafy plants that spread and cover the soil.

    3. Shrubs.

    These plants not only help prevent soil erosion but are also beaurtiful to look at.

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