Planning to set up fluorescent lamp recycling business in Malaysia. Any company does this on turnkey basis?

In my country, all the waste management companies and public throw used fluorescent lamps in dustbins and landfills. I am planning to set up fluorescent lamp recycling facility center. Any one can advice me what materials I can recover and sell it to which companies to recover my investment? TQ



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    For more regionally specific information, and possibly some contacts pertaining to your issue, check out:




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    Lamp Recycling of Lamps is preventing environment from realesing of  mercury into atmosphere. Possible out put from recycling contain mercury contaimination. If you adopt better technolgy with specific separation, you can sell output product to manufacturer of same.

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    My company is sourcing for recycled only flourecent bulbs,lead free to produce tubing which is sold to makers of flourecent bulbs.Further if you are interested to set up this business,I know companies which sell equipment for this recycling process.

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