is a pine cone the beginning of a new tree if planted? what exactly IS a pine cone?



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    Pine cones make new trees, but you can’t just plant them -they have to be fertilized first. The structure most people picture when they think of “pine cone” is actually the female pine cone, which contains the tree’s seeds.  The male pine cone is much smaller and contains pollen, which is essentially the plant version of sperm. The male cones release pollen to the wind, which if all goes well floats to a female cone and fertilizes its seeds.  The female cone then disperses the fertilized seeds, and these grow into new trees. 



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    A pine cone is an organ of the pine tree that contains the tree’s reproductive structures. Pine cones can be either male or female. Male pine cones are about two inches long and live for several months in the spring or autumn. They are covered in pollen sacs, which are released and spread to female pine cones. Female pine cones take between one and a half and three years to mature and are between one and twenty four inches in length.

    Pine cones are not actually seeds, so they are not the beginning of pine trees. The leaf-like structures of a pine cone contain seeds, which can be planted to produce pine trees.

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    there are seeds in pine cones that can be planted to make a tree grow again and a pin cone is like a flower for that tree except its not a flower.

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    Interesting fact, because a pine cone is basically a carrier for the reproductive properties, it also protects them. When a pine cone gets wet, it actually seals up nice and tight to keep everything inside and away from the water. After a storm you may see pine cones all closed up.

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