Picardy Climate and other useful information

Picardy is in France



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    If you’re referring to Picardy, France, then the climate there is generally moderate with an average summer temperature of approximately 16.5C and an average winter temperature of approximately 3.23C. Average rainfall is roughly 687 mm per year with the most amount of rain fall occuring in June, October or November. 

    During the winter, Picardy is very wet with powerful winds, especially along the coast. Summer is usually short.

    The Picardy region is one of the least known regions in France. It’s mainly noted for battlefields from the first and second World Wars with quiet resorts, old fashioned towns, cathedrals and abbeys.

    If you’re visiting, you may interested to see the following:

    Amiens Cathedral

    Chateau de Compiegne

    Parc Asterix Theme Park


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