Is photovolataic the best form of solar?



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    It depends on what you mean by best – photovoltaic is good in residential scenarios, where they are directly providing power to a home or office, but on the large scale, due to the high cost of silicone, they aren’t that practical – here they give way to solar heating, which from a cost perspective is much more efficient. However, solar heating is beginning to be realized as a very large sink for water (for cooling functions) and places strain on many of the regions which are best suited for solar development due to their arid conditions.

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    Another great type of photovoltaic is photovoltaic lament. This is also known as thin film, it isn’t as efficient as the hard PV cells you see on roofs, it replicates solar shingles. It is easier to install because of its easy peel and stick application, which lowers the cost of installation. Check it out on the link below.

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