Is Philly the most littered city in the US?

I moved to Philly last year, the litter is so disguisting, I cannot understand how civilized humans agree to live in these conditions. I also need info. for a college paper about litter, specifically college campuses in PA. Any info. would surely be appreciated. Peace. Starla



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    According to readers of, the dirtiest city in the US is actually New Orleans. However, Philly comes in a close second according to these same readers, so there is definitely truth to your thoughts about the city. This survey was done on 2011. In 2010, Philly was ranked 4th dirtiest. Interestingly, Philly is also ranked as being in the bottom five US cities for having environmentally aware inhabitants. 

    In terms of litter on college campuses in PA, I can’t find information about that. My best suggestion would be to do a similar survey of the college populations to find out how they feel about the litter on their campuses.

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