Is PETA giving a bad name to vegans?



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    Some people believe that PETA is a little bit extreme in their methods and attitudes. However having an activist group that is does not take an extreme stance is not very effective at gaining support for its cause. I personally am not a member of PETA because of some of their extreme views and stances but  still use their website as a vegan guide to food and clothes and animal welfare current events.

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    It depends on who you ask.  Some feel that PETA does a good job of raising awareness for certain issues, but others feel that the ways in which they do so are too extreme.  Vegetarians, vegans and pretty much everyone have their own opinions about PETA…but they do manage to keep themselves on everyone’s minds.  (Personally, I have mixed feelings on the matter; I credit PETA for raising awareness through exposes of factory farms, but I do not agree with their methods — in short, I agree with their message, but not their means.)

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    I believe so. PETA makes vegans seem very agressive in a way that is unpleasant. This causes people to shut down and not listen to what they have to say. They (PETA) also don’t appear to respect other people’s points of views and lifestyles. I think this lack of respect causes people to not respect PETA members, and therefore not respect vegans (because many assume PETA = vegan).

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