Is a person with siblings happier than a person without siblings?

Happy in the way that that a person is cheerful, energetic and thinks positively.



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    There was a study that made the internet rounds fairly recently about how sisterly chats cheer up both brothers and sisters. The rationale is that sisters are more likely to talk and ask about feels which cheers people up. 

    My sister cheers me up, but to this day, I still find her irrationally more frustrating than I would with anyone else–but now I’m old enough to handle it =).

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    Tutt is correct. However, this is probably a case by case situation. Some people like their siblings and some don’t.

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    To say that a person with siblings is happier than a person without siblings is a sweeping generalization. Many studies have been made about the development of children with siblings and those without, and many of these studies contradict one another. Some state that children with siblings develop better social skills and are happier because of a larger support system, whereas others claim that only children have closer relationships with their parents and benefit from the extra attention. Speaking from personal experience, I am much happier having a sibling than when I was an only child. Most humans like company, and if you have a healthy relationship with a sibling, you have a friend built-in to your life.

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    Just to provide some devil’s advocate representation, the link below discusses an English study that shows only children may be happier.  However, I really think this is an impossible question to answer.  There are far too many factors influencing happiness in our lives, genetics, environment, parental values and treatment, the list goes on and on. 

    I will say, as an only child I was and am a very happy and positive person, but who can say if I’d have been happier with a sibling?  I think no one.

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