Is Permaculture possible in the United States?



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    Permaculture, or community organizing based on nature, can be done anywhere. There are groups supporting permaculture in the US. Many of the cities in the US were not built with good central plans of any kind of plan at all. It is extremely difficult to change those cities to more of a permaculture plan once they are already built and a certain way of life is already established.

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    Not only is permaculture possible, there are various permaculture principles that have been applied to both urban and rural areas in the United States.  There are coorperative organizations in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and San Francisco.  The Urban Permaculture Guild provides resources on creating a permaculture witihin a city environment.

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    Most certainly yes! It is unfortunate that there is an association that links succesful permaculture only with tropical or subtropical climate. Permaculture, permanant culture or agriculture, can happen in many places. I would not go as far as to say everywhere, as the resources an environment contains limits whether humans can sustainably inhabit the region (e.g. I would exclude many desert and arctic regions from places where permaculture could take place). Of course, the specific plant species and design practices utilized are going to be different from place to place. Tree-based agriculture is probably the best agricultural practice available for much of west and east coast. 

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