is perfume and cologne bad for the air?



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    It’s hard to say – perfume is not a regulated industry. However, they contain mostly chemicals, specifically chemicals that are known to be harmful to health and the environment, so the answer is probably yes.

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    Perfume and cologne both have huge amounts of chemicals in them.  Perfumes and colognes are never tested for human toxicity, even though it is not uncommon for people to have reactions to them.  Individuals with chemical sensitivities are especially sensitive to perfumes and colognes and can actually become quite sick from them.   Common ingredients in perfumes and colognes include the following: fabric softeners, chloroform, petroleum, coal tar, ethanol, acetone, formaldehyde, and benzene derivatives.  These are all known to cause cancer, birth defects, infertility, and nervous system damage. 

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    Perfumes today are almost made from 95% to 100% of synthetic materials. As the previous answer stated, they are mainly made with turpentine oil as the base material. Which many synthetic ingredients chemically react to. In fact, many of the ingredients found in perfumes (and colognes) have harmful chemicals listed on the EPA’s hazardous waste list. They also have carcinogenic materials, neurotoxins, respitatory irritants, and the list can go on. The institute of Medicine has placed fragences (like perfume) in the same category as second-hand smoke in triggering asthma in adults and children.

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