Is pepsi doing anything to be more green?



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    Pepsi has launched a campaign called Pepsi Eco Challenge to show their commitment to being green.  The campaign is broken down into three sections.  First, they have challenged themselves to reduce their energy usage by 20% and their fuel consumption by 25% by 2015 to address climate change.  Changes to address these goals will be made in refrigeration, transportation, offices and packaging.  T

    he second part of the Pepsi Eco Challenge is to improve water quality and promote conservation.  They are challenging themselves to reduce water use in their production by 20% by 2015.  They are also involved in helping communities with water needs through donation of bottled water and money.  

    The third aspect of the Challenge addresses packaging.  Pepsi is taking steps to reduce packaging, make all packaging recyclable, and using recycled materials where they can. 

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