People want us to ban harmful chemicals, they are too much a part of our society though aren’t they?



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    It may not seem practical to ban all harmful chemicals because they are so ingrained in the products we use everyday, but it isn’t impossible.  Steadily weeding them out and replacing them with safer alternatives is absolutely do-able and even opens up a market for new ideas, technology, products and jobs.  Think about Coca-Cola, there used to actually be cocaine in the soda, but when we found it to be harmful it was banned, and Coca-Cola hasn’t suffered in the long run.

    On another note, merely saying that we cannot change something because it is “too much a part of our society” is just not a good enough reason to leave “bad” things the way they are; consider slavery- throughout history many civilizations had slaves, and they probably considered it to be too much a part of their society to change.  But, overtime many societies did change it and for the better of the individual and the community.

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