Pellet fuel stove was soled in 2009

is the deman bigenuf to start a new besnus



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    Though the pellet fuel stove has been getting a little more publicity lately because it’s an American-made product, it is nothing new and it has lost whatever advantages it could provide back in the 80s. Originally, pellet fuel was cheaper and more eco-friendly than regular fuels, because it compacted the useless leftover sawdust from sawmills and put it to a new use. But with increasing demand and decreasing surplus of sawdust, companies had to start cutting down their own trees to make pellets. The more clean-burning woodstoves available since the mid-90s are better for the environment than pellet fuel stoves, and are usually less expensive. Also, these stoves cost extra to maintain and are reported to have some serious malfunctions.

    There is still some demand, just because the people who want to use them only have a few places they can go, but overall it seems like an industry on its way out. The second link below will give a list of the companies still making pellet fuel in the US.

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    I think what you’re asking is whether or not pellet stoves are cost-efficient and market-friendly. Although I don’t see any numbers published for the year 2009, there are various articles online that promote the use of pellet stoves and emphasize their practicality as a reliable and relatively simple alternative that saves money due to fuel costs. Pellet stove sales skyrocketed in 2008 and as of March 2009, sales were still rising and were expected to continue through the following year, and perhaps beyond. If you’re interested in either using them for your business, it would really help to do some research in your immediate area. See what other businesses are doing, take surveys, etc.

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