Is peeing in the shower a good way to conserve water?



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    Haha, Lance you are the man for asking the question no one else wanted to answer! Umm… Yes I would have to say that it is a good way to conserve water. The water does end up going to the same place, after all… but there are some sanitary issues involved here, so you might end up doing more harm than good…I don’t know I’m not a doctor (I wonder how likely it would be that you would actually get sick or an infection or anything like that)… but honestly I think you have asked a good question. Some people practice the mantra: “If it is yellow, leave it mellow.” But then, eventually, the toilet has to be flushed. If a person only pee’d in the shower or outside and never ever used a toilet for going number one, then they would definitely do some good in the way of water conservation. You going to be the first one to try it?

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    Peeing in the shower is actually a great way to save water.  In fact, about a year ago a Brazilian environmental group urged the citizens to do just that.  They claim that if every household flushed the toilet just one less time a day, the house would save 1,157 gallons of water per year.  Unless someone has a disease that can be transmitted through urine, such as hepatitis, peeing in the shower is entirely harmless.

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