Is paying bills online the most eco friendly way to do it?



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    Right now, yes, I would say so…unless you lived directly next to your billing company and could walk there to pay in cash. While it’s true that it uses power and not-so-nice materials to pay bills online, it’s much better than having them mail you a paper bill, then you write them a paper check, mail it back to them, then the check gets processed…All of these steps use quite a lot of resources, so yes, paying your bill online is currently probably the best choice, environmentally.

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    A similarly effective method is to pay by phone.  A lot of times when you pay online, like through a bank, they will still mail a paper copy to the vendor/payee unless you have a direct transfer set up.  Paying by phone is a form of electronic direct transfer, and will not send out a paper copy.

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    I would definitely say so. Although it is not ideal it is the best. Using up energy is much better than cutting down trees. In the future with the use of alternative fuel sources and other fuel sources will allow paying bills online to be the best. I would still do so in the mean time!!

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    Reducing the need for mailed bills (including many billing inserts and a window envelope to return the payment) can save a lot of paper.  Just think of how much paper has been saved by the people who have put themselves on the “do not mail” registry for junk mail.  It also saves the company money, meaning if everyone could switch to online only statements and bill pay, maybe our fees could be reduced.

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    I definitely think so.  Online billing cuts down on the paper (envelopes, checks, deposit slips etc.) normally used in traditional banking.  It also completely eliminates the need for transportation.  (either the mail carrier or you going to the bank to deposit checks).  I find online bill pay a lot more convenient, and its way more environmentally friendly than traditional forms of bill payment.  

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    Paying by telephone, online, or in person is the most eco-friendly. You can opt out of paper billing if the company allows and receive alerts via email. That would allow you to maintain an electronic record and not have to deal with excess paper.

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