Is that “Patch Perfect” grass seed that is sold on T.V. earth-friendly? They say it can even grow on cement- is that possible? Or is it just filled with artificial chemicals to make it grow?



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    Well, it does not seem to have any serious negative components, actually they are quite biological. Yes, it is indeed possible for something to have initial growth on almost any surface, including cement. However, sustained growth on surfaces of this nature is almost impossible. Which are similar to a lot of reviews I read about this product – which I now know more about then I would ever hope to. It seems a lot of people have trouble with its longevity. As for good initial growth you can sprout and germinate seeds in a dixie cup or on a plate, seeds are good at what they do: grow. So they encase the seed in a little nutrients and mulch to protect and let it thrive in its early growth. This is not to say that no one had desirable results or at least ones they were happy with, but there was indeed a healthy mix of negative comments. So no they do not use any new serious or crazy chemical, but I would still be a little leery about giving it the go ahead because who knows how long it would actually last.

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