Is a paperless world more green?



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    Good question, Irving Ginder.  The answer is yes, a paperless world is definitely more green.  An entire world or society going paperless is probably impossible though.  It is even difficult to convert a business to paperless.  Perhaps the most practical paperless practices that take place now are replacing paper bills with online bills, opting not to have a receipt for small purchases, and reusing your own bags at the grocery store.  There are certainly more ways you can save paper around the house, too.  By cutting down on paper usage, we save energy, water, cut down on co2 production, and eliminate the production of a lot of waste, not to mention the trees that are saved, all things that make our world more green!

    Hope this helps!

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    One has to consider the cost of going paperless.  Yes, doing without paper would save trees, but the resource that would replace paper would have to be considered.  For example, if less paper meant increased computer use, this leads to increase energy costs, battery power, man power etc.  Perhaps the best way would be to find a happy medium and diversify resources so that one resource does not possess the main burden of use.

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    I think so. You figure, the cost of paper is not just in the loss of trees, but in the labor to cut the trees, the gas to power the machines, transportation of trees, cost of pulping, dioxin from bleaching, transporation of product, storing, selling, etc. There is also the issue of the cost of mailing with gas and labor.

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    It is more green, yes, but not necessarily most green. Computers do in fact use a lot of energy, and greater amounts of information being transfered across the Internet requires more work.  Recycling and saving trees is good for the environment, but it may not be the biggest thing you can do to help, and it certainly isnt the only thing.

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