Is the paper used to make currency recycled?



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    Currency (at least in the U.S.) is not made from paper in the traditional sense. Normal paper is made from wood fiber and starch, but currency “paper” is made from cotton and linen fibers. It’s about 75% cotton and 25% linen. Because of this, our currency cannot be made from recycled paper. When our money is taken out of circulation, it is shredded and can be recycled to make material for roofing shingles or insulation.

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    On the other end of money production, as far back as 1994, people were looking for ways to use old, discarded bills.  Companies started to use the shredded money in different ways: as an additive to roofing shingles to increase fire resistance, as stationery and note pads, and as stuffing for stuffed animals.

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