Is Palm Oil used in our food industry?



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    Yes it is. It is often found in Asian food products, chips, margerine, candies, and more.  There has been some discussion about using the product since it does have some negative effects both on our heath and the environment. Studies have shown that “in terms of blood cholesterol, palm oil is somewhat more harmful than the average U.S. dietary fat and far more harmful than such liquid oils as olive, soy, and canola.” Palm Oil is also being blamed to have decresed the Orangutan populations.

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    I actually purchased a natural peanut butter by Earth Balance thinking it was better for me and the environment.  I;ve bought other products by Earth Balance before and trusted the brand, but awhile later I read the full ingredients list and found it has palm fruit oil 🙁  I was pretty disappointed, since I’ve taken a keen interest in trying to help the Orangutans and the deman for Palm oil has is the leading factor in their habitat destruction.

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