Is paintballing bad for the environment?



  1. anu
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     Paintballs have a non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble mineraloil… its not bad for the environment.

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    As long as you are using eco-friendly and environmentally safe paintballs. Hydrotec  is making their paintballs from corn (the usual outside is gelatin) and by filling them with a paint that is mostly water. The other paintballs are balls of oil which work better, are cheaper to produce, and because clean paintball courses are better than ones covered in unremoveable oil paint.

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    It depends on where you participate. Phoenix Paintball makes their paintballs from biodegradable gelatine and water based food dyes. The markings generally disappear within a few days. A 10 meter buffer zone protects from any water run-off and vegetation is rarely harmed. They even argue the noise polluition is minimal.

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