Is the packaging of cup’a noodles bad for the environment?



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    Yes, it would be much better for the environment to purchase noodles in bulk or in boxes than to use the styrofoam or plastic containers they come in. Styrofoam and plastic takes much longer to decompose.

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    The brands that come in Styrofoam are bad for the environment. Styrofoam does not readily decompose. Furthermore, if the Styrofoam as the smell or taste of the soup (you often cook the soap right in the container) animals may find the container and attempt to eat it. Styrofoam is very bad for their digestive systems and may cause the animal to choke. The consumption of the Styrofoam could even lead to death. It would better if the companies used the paper packages like some companies use. THe carboard of the box can be recycled.

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