Is the ozone layer over the United States healthy?



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    According to, U.S. ozone levels have dropped 5 to 10%, “depending on the season.” The information this site is using is over over 15 years old. In other words, the ozone layer over the U.S., compared to past and recent levels, isn’t healthy. Since that time, we’ve continued to pollute the environment at unprecedented levels.

    The lower the ozone levels, the less radiation and fewer U.V. rays are prevented from penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere. Ah!

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    The amount of ozone over the eastern United States reached record lows in the following in 1994, 1995 (15-20% below normal), 1999, and 2000. However, the amount of ozone is cyclical and thus hard to determine. In the spring months it generally reaches its highest annual peak, and by October is at its lowest.

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