Is Ozone a harmful substance for human beings?



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    Yes, even small amounts of ozone are damaging to organic materials.  Exposure to ozone gas can cause many types of irritation, including respiratory problems.  Ozone exposure has been linked to asthma, heart failure, lung failure, and a number of other health problems.

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    European studies show no consistent relationship with O3 exposure and asthma, although they do suggest that long-term exposure reduces lung function growth in children. Chronic damage to the lungs is a plausable outcome suggested by animal exposure studies. Ozone influences pulmonary function, lung inflammation, lung permeability, respiratory symptoms, levels of medication usage, morbifity and mortality (Short term studeis). Long term studies are not consistent.

    Temporary effects affect the lungs, respirayoty tract, eyes, and can increase susceptibility to inhaled allergins.

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