Is oxy clean bad for the environment?



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    According to one website I found, although the actual chemistry of Oxy Clean is a trade secret, the ingredients are listed and are each on their own environmentally-friendly. The main ingredients are sodium percarbonate, an environmentally sound product that breaks down into naturally-occuring ingredients, soda ash or sodium carbonate, which has long been used as a cleaning agent and comes from plant ash, detergents, and water. Oxy Clean is biodegradable and is gentle on the environment because it doesn’t use chlorine, so it’s even gentle on sinks, fabrics, and plumbing. Overall, it seems that because of it’s blend of natural ingredients or ingredients that break down into natural elements, Oxy Clean is a safe product to use that will have little or no negative impact on the environment, and certainly is less harmful than other commonly used detergents, soaps, or other chemical cleaners.

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    According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the most common ingredient in OxyClean is sodium percarbonate (50-70% of the product). Sodium percarbonate breaks down into hydrogen peroxide (which can then break down into water and oxygen) and soda ash. Because of this, it is seen as being an environmentally friendly chemical. However, it can also decrease the pH of waterways because it contains sodium. 

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    No, it’s not bad for environment because Oxyclean is made from natural elements and contains no toxic chemicals, harmful abrasives or cleaning solvents. It’s environmental friendly, totally ecological and has no odor!!

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    Oxyclean is made from natural element and have non-toxic chemicals. It’s eco-friendly, totally biodegradable.

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    Oxyclean is made from natural ingredients and contains no toxic chemicals, cleaning solvents, or harmful abrasives. It’s environmentally friendly and it is fairly safe for the environment.


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