Is overpopulation the reason behind global warming?



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    Overpopulation is definitely a factor in global warming. More people means more resources are required from the earth to support them. Those resources include more food, more clothes, more houses, more energy, more waste, etc, all of which generate greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming. Overpopulation is not the direct cause of global warming, however. The primarily cause is still the usage of dirty fossil fuels to support our appetite for energy. We are indeed overextending the earth today with the resources we extract from it, but there’s nothing to say that even if the world’s population were smaller that each person would not simply command a larger share of resources and continue to demand more.

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    Human overpopulation is certainly one factor contributing to global warming, but it’s not the only factor. Industrialization is the leading cause of enormous greenhouse gas emissions in the last 100 years. To find out more info, follow the link below and read the article.

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