Is overpopulation causing climate change too?



  1. mle
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    Yes.  Overpopulation is the primary cause of more resource use overall, which leads to many secondary problems.

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    Climatologists have found only a few factors are mainly responsible for most of Earth’s climate change. These factors are: 1) Variations in the Earth’s orbital characteristics, 2) Atmospheric carbon dioxide variations, 3) Volcanic eruptions and 4) Variations in solar output. Humans really only have an effect on atmospheric carbon dioxide variations. With more humans, it is likely that more carbon dioxide will be produced but this is not the only cause of climate change. 

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    Yes, more people the more carbon ends up in the atmosphere. It would take 1 billion people longer to pollute the planet than the ever growing 6 or 7 billion.

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    I would disagree with the first poster – population and resource consumption are not necessarily directly correlated. For instance, the United States has a population of 310 million, comprises 4 percent of the world’s population (of 6.9 billion). Yet the US accounts for 25 percent of global oil consumption. Despite the US’ controlled population growth, therefore, it is still a huge source of carbon emission. As the above posters note, overpopulation is definitely a contributing factor – I just wouldn’t call it the primary factor.

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    If humans are a contributing source to climate change, as a lot of evidence suggests, then yes. More houses must be built, more automobiles must be used, there is a greater demand for energy, etc. All of those and more burn up a lot of fossil fuels.

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