overgrown lilac bush and very little flowers! What do I do to save it?



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    Your lilac bush may not bloom this year, but check on the following problems to see help it bloom in the future. Since the bush is overgrown, try pruning the oldest 1/3 of the plant before mid-summer.

    Lilacs need at least six hours of sun daily. If it’s in too shady of a spot, the bush won’t bloom. Also, consider the age of your plant. Lilacs often won’t bloom for the first three to six years.

    Perhaps you are fertilizing your plant too much. Lilacs don’t bloom well if they have too much nitrogen because they will grow too many leaves. Lilacs are also drought sensitive and don’t thrive in acidic soil.


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    It may help to trim back the lilac bush. If a bush becomes too large and out of control, you can often trim it back and new growth will come in soon after. This will regenerate the flowers for the next season.

    Make sure the lilac has enough sun light and that the roots are not bound up (something that may happen if the plant is located right near your house or in a contained flower bed).

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