Is overfishing a result of population growth?



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    No.  According to, the fishing fleets and amount of fish we are taking from the sea is 2-3 times what humans need and what the oceans can handle.  In the 1950s, industrial fishing changed the way fishing was done and began the large-scale depletion of fisheries.

    Overfishing is a result of taking too many fish, but is also a result of a fishery’s inability to regenerate, which can happen if another type of fish or species takes over the niche that the overfished one previously filled.  In this case, the ability of the overfished breed to regrow is limited.

    The worldwide and in many cases recent love of sushi also contributes to the mass overfishing of tuna, salmon, mackerel and similar fish.

    Population growth has contributed to the rising demand for fish but is not the sole reason; the demand is higher than the fisheries can support, and it is a mixture of industrial fishing techniques, the inability for fish populations to regenerate when fished unsustainably, as well as population growth that contribute to this worldwide problem.

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