As our water continues to run out will Astroturf become more popular?



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    Good question, Marquiseberry.  It is possible, considering the amount of water it takes to keep a field looking good, which is more than 5,000 gallons a day.  Since astroturf doesn’t need any water, and much less maintenance, it saves a lot of money for the fields owners which is definitely economically appealing, but not necessarily environmentally appealing.  According to Michigan State University’s field manager Amy Fouty, there are some negative effects of astroturf, including issues with its smell and asthma, its heat absorption, and the way it effects the soil underneath.  These problems don’t seem to take away the fact that you still don’t need water, though.  But there could be another solution, such as this natural grass field that is eco-friendly, since it has figured out a way to get water independent from city water supplies.

    You can read about this stadium by following this link.

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    There are eco-friendly artificial turf options, but they are quite expensive. Most people who have grass in desert communities, use a drought tolerant breed and water with non-potable water. Other people use rocks in their landscaping. I don’t think you can demand people to use artificial turn, because of the cost. A crazy fact is that Arizona has more golf courses per square mile than any other state. It is becoming more popular in desert regions and there are some new products that are very realistic looking. My sister installed some in her front yard and the kids love it. 


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