Is our tuna population sustainable with how much we currently eat?



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    According to Greenpeace International (2011) we need to be concerned about tuna in certain areas. The pacific holds about 60 percent of the world’s tuna. Currently the tuna population in this area is threatened due to overfishing from illegal and commercial fishing fleets. Scientists note that the bigeye and yellowfin species of tuna specifically are at risk from overfishing practices.

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    Nope! At least, not with bluefin tuna. Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) is a tool that environmental scientists use to determine how many individuals in a population can be harvested without driving them to extinction. Unfortunately, bluefin tuna fishers have ignored scientific warnings and the species in decline. There is a chance that they could recover if we drastically curtail our fishing operations. Thankfully, people are taking note of the problem, so we may see some improvement in the situation in the future 🙂

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