Our school wants to plant a tree in the playground area which will provide shade, be easy to care for, and have no nuts to worry about. Someone suggested a Chinese Pistachio. I did not find it on the native Texas plant list. What will this do to the envir

environment–and habitat? It will be on a field sort of land, with not many other trees nearby. Can you give me some information about this choice of tree? Thanks much. Cathy Haedge



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    If you are looking for a tree that does not produce nuts, then the Chinese Pistache is not exactly what you are looking for.  The Chinese Pistache is however ideal for your purpose.  It is a very hearty tree species that grows in most soil types and does very well in dry arid environments as well.  It can grow up to 35 feet tall, provides a ton of shade, and is very aesthetically pleasing.  The Autumn colours are quite vibrant.  Below is a link with more information.


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