Is our moon really hot?



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    The temperature of our moon varies drastically from day to night. During the day, the temperature can be as high as 107 degrees C. However, at night, the temperature can fall to as low as -153 degrees C. In addition, the moon has about 13 days of sunlight followed by 13 days of darkness because the moon takes 27 days to rotate once around its axis. During the 13 days of sunlight, the surface of the moon could be hot enough to boil water! So yes, the surface of the moon can be very hot.

    The reason why the moon’s temperature changes so drastically is because the moon does not have an atmosphere like the Earth does. An atmosphere, like the one on Earth, traps in heat from the sun, which helps the Earth stay warm.

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    Actually, our moon can be quite cold! At night, the moon can reach temperatures of -307 degrees Fahrenheit. During the day, the moon can get as hot as 225 degrees Fahrenheit! The moon doesn’t have as stable temperatures daily like the Earth due to its lack of an atmosphere. 

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