our entire neighborhood has pin oaks full of oak leaf blister…otherwise the trees are healthy…what if any are the ramifications?

Raised lumps on the leaves from 1/2″ up to 2″….haven’t dissected the lumps yet…thought they were like box-leaf miners. Trees are very healthy, have had a very wet spring…but almost all leaves on all the pin oaks for the cul de sac are covered with these pustules….or rather stamped from the underside stretching the top leaf membrane to appear light green.



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    Pin oaks are especially susceptible to oak leaf blisters. If the infection is minor, little damage will be done, but in the case of a serious infection, midsummer defoliation is possible. It doesn’t respond to fungicides unless applied in the springtime just before budbreak. Leaf blister isn’t usually severe enough to require more treatment.

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