Is our earth one big eco system?



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    Technically, the Earth is made up of many ecosystems.  An ecosystem is made up of living and nonliving components: plants, animals, air, water, soil, space etc.  All of these components rely on each other for survival.  

    The entire planet is connected and is one large system, the biosphere.  The biosphere is the part of the atmosphere where all life is contained.  Everything in the biosphere depends on each other, humans included.  A loss of one species can have unknown global effects, this is why conservation of all things on Earth is necessary.  

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    In essence yes, our earth is THE Big Ecosystem.  What this means is that actions taken in certain areas around the world (pollution, waste, overfishing, etc…) have an impact on many other areas of the world.  This is especially true in the case of the Ocean.  Currents and weather patterns keep water in constant motion around our globe which means garbage or toxins on the coast of California may end up washing upon the shores of Papua New Guinea.  Weather patters, wind, and currents also play a role on land as well, by carrying airborne pollution around the land, carrying chemicals which have seeped into our soils, carrying polluted water into waterways.  

    There is no such thing as isolated environmental issues.  The loss of a predator species means other species will thrive, meaning that others will falter, and this imbalance wreaks havoc on ecosystems.  The loss of a species, wether animal, plant or fungus, can have many more implications than we may ever know.  We don’t need to know all the reasons for keeping species alive, we only need to know that they serve a purpose within an ecosystem, and that should be a enough cause for protect.

    As ecolizzie said, ‘everything in the biosphere depends on each other, humans included.’  And what is so interesting about this statement is that we (humans) have created walls around us barring the natural world from intrusion into our way of life, this is a very unnatural way of life.  Humans like every other species needs challenge to progress, and that challenge should not be the pursuit of wealth or material possessions; The challenges should be about how to live sustainably, how to incorporate the good of the rest of the world into our daily decisions, it should be about how to use our knowledge and power to make this earth a place for more than just humans, because we can’t live on Earth without the rest of the biosphere.  We need to take responsibility to change our excessive ways and to take ownership of our actions. 

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