Our Earth has gone through many ice ages and natural warmings, as well as all kinds of natural disasters, and has always recovered in the past. Why is the current climate change so important?



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    When you say it has recovered… yes, the Earth did, but many species did not. I’m not looking forward to humanity going extinct.. but then again, if it does we’ll just be done with this realm 🙂

    But seriously folks… this change is different because we know about it, our fat brains can conceive it, and we have an idea of what can happen. Plus, there’s the fact that we’re contributing to it if not causing it. So not only do we understand that change can mean extinction of species (perhaps our own) we also have a responsibility for it, like how many of us believe we should pack out our trash, if we are to let nature be the factor that decides change we need to adjust our behavior to prevent us from being the agent of this change.

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    This climate change is under great notice because of the impact that the human lifestyle is having on its rapid growth. Many climate changes have occurred in the past, but none so fast as this one now. The anthropogenic greenhouse gases, which are those caused by human activity, are contributing to the large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere– at least 100 ppmv higher than pre-industrial times. Our contributions to climate changes is something that was not present in previous drastic climate change and is one reason why this one is of such importance.

    Additionally, past climate changes has been known to eliminate entire species. Could we be one of them? With our adaptability, probably not, but the climate change now is already having a serious impact on many eco-systems, as well as adverse human health effects like increased rates of skin cancer from the depleted ozone layer. These are just a few reasons with the current climate situation is so important.

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