Other than their waste what makes computers bad for the environment?



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    Computers and their parts are bad for the environment for several reasons. First of all, they emit carbon dioxide. They emit about 2% of the whole globe’s carbon dioxide, almost as much as planes! The electricity used by computers is also bad since we typically leave them plugged in all the time and also keep them on all the time even if we aren’t using them.  Add this to all of the accessories also plugged in all the time (printers, fax machines, external hard-drives, etc.) and that’s a lot of wasted energy.

    The disposal of computers is also bad for the environment if computers are not properly recycled (which obviously they aren’t always). Disposing of computers in typical landfills exposes the earth to chemicals in the computers like lead and cadmium. These chemicals can also get into the water supply if not properly disposed of.

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    An easy way the reduce the energy consumption of computers and related electronics is to plug them in to a power strip and then turn off the power strip when you don’t need it.  You can also set your computer to hibernate after a certain period of inactivity so that it’s not turned on all the time without being used.

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