Other than recycling your old computers how can you reduce their environmental impact?



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    The main thing is to use your computer to its fullest. Make sure to take good care of the computer(s) you have, and allow them to run well for as long as possible, which reduces the need for companies to produce more and thus waste more. You can do this by keeping it clean and protected from viruses harmful to the computer. If you have a laptop, make sure to be responsible with your charging, thereby reducing the amount of time spent using electricity for your computer. The best way to do this is to leave it unplugged until the battery is nearly empty, and then charging it fully. While it is not charging, make sure to unplug the charger from the wall. When buying a new computer or battery, research the energy efficiency and battery life in order to get the best bang for your buck as well as the best choice for the environment. Buying used computers in good condition is also a good way to go, because this reduces demand for computers. If you do not have a laptop, unplugging and turning off devices when not being used to reduce “vampire power” usage.

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    Another option that you could look into would be selling your old computer. Sometimes people don’t need the latest and greatest computers, and if your old one still operates you could make some money off of it. Like rchlths mentioned, when looking to purchase a new computer, check to make sure it’s up to date with energy savings; I bought my MacBook Pro just for this reason. Also, if your old computer is no longer being used, make sure it’s not hooked up to any electricity outlets. These still use energy, even if the computer isn’t on. I hope these tips help!

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    Another tip is to buy a computer that uses very little electricity.  Laptops generally use less electricity than desktops (see webpage below).  Another option is to run your current computer from a renewable energy source like wind or solar.  This may be accomplished through buying renewable energy through a utility or constructing your own, “off the grid” supply. 

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    Building a new computer using mostly parts from your old computer saves you money and the cost of disposing of your old computer.  Most computer parts are still functional and compatible with newer hardware.  by figuring out which parts can go into a new system, you can build a slightly used computer that’s far cheaper than a brand new computer.

    The only issue is that one must know quite a bit about computers, computer components, and assembly to achieve this task.

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