Other than protein, what does my body need to recover from a workout?



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    You’d also want to eat, within 60 minutes of the workout, complex carbohydrates and replace fluids.  A 4:1 combo of carbohydrate and protein seems to be your best choice.  Other than nutritional needs, the link below provides other excellent advice.

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    Depending on how hard you workout, you may need to replace some of the salts you lose through sweating.  For most people replacing only the fluid is sufficient for recovery, however, if you are running a long distance, or participating in something like a soccer tournament, it may be a good idea to have a powerade or something with electrolytes to replace the salt you sweat out.

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    Sleep and time are also necessary.  Indeed, they might be the most important parts of workout recovery. 

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    Water! This is the most important thing, but I also have plenty of potassium, since this helps to prevent cramps and muscle stiffness by keeping lactic acid down. After a hard workout, I make a smoothie with frozen strawberries (vitamins and antioxidants), fresh bananas (potassium), and fresh, unsweetened coconut water (good for dehydration and has lots of nutrients) This always leaves me feeling refreshed, energized and satisfied. 

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