Other than pedaling a bike is there any other way that humans can make energy?



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    Yes, besides pedaling a bike, humans can also generate energy using hand held crank tools (think of the basic technology in a salad spinner). 

    There is also research that is being developed at Princeton University that could harness energy from natural human movement.  Prototypes are still in the works but the belief is that this gadget will be able to harness the energy from our natural body movements and turn it into enough power to support small technological devices such as a cell phone or a pacemaker. 

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    There is also a study being done in Japan to create a “power generating floor.” Everytime people walk along the floor, power is created through piezo-electricity. This is technically power that is created from pressure. So in theory, the hard you step on the ground, the more electricity will be generated. This theory has even been put to the test in some dance clubs, where all night people are constantly stomping and putting pressure on the floor. Still a relatively new idea, it is still being worked on to fix any bugs and its efficiency.

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