Other than the owl, are there any nocturnal birds?



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    Owls are the most common of nocturnal birds.  They are over one hundred species of owl in the wild and they are known for hunting their prey at night. 

      The common barn owl. 


    Some hawks are said to be nocturnal but they are most likely actually diurnal.  Nocturnal animals like all owls, are “active at night”.  Diurnal animals are active in the day time, preferring to hunt in the light like hawks which are birds of prey.

    Picture of a Red-tail Hawk.


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    New Zealand’s famous national bird, the kiwi, is a type of bird that is semi-nocturnal. It is a flightless bird that is not often seen easily in the wild because of its semi-nocturnal habits. It is a relatively small bird that can weigh anything between 3 to 9 pounds, and it lives in forests and grasslands.

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    The Oilbird of South America is really cool. It echolocates like a bat, looks like a hawk, eats fruit, and can hover with its efficient wingspan.

    Nesting Oilbird

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    Tawny frogmouths, found in Australia, are nocturnal birds that have very wide, frog-like mouths to capture insects.  During the daytime hours, frogmouths perch to sleep in trees that give them camouflage with their brown feathers.  They actively hunt after dusk and before dawn.  

    Click to enlarge photo.

    There are also three Australian bird species known as the nightjars that fly the night skies.  The white-throated nightjar is the largest and darkest with streaked black, brown, fawn and grey feathers.  Not often seen but often heard, nightjars come out at night to feast on insects close to the ground.

    White-throated nightjar

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    Well, as the other answers have already shown, yes.  I would like to add in the nighthawks too.  Though they hunt insects at dawn and dusk and do not hunt through the night I did not feel they could be left out.  After all, their name has been an inspiration for numerous fictional characters and military helicopters.  A picture of the Common Nighthawk is shown below. 


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