Other than a nuisance or being ugly are most spiders a problem in your house?



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    No, spiders can actually be very helpful. They’re the predators for unwanted pests that make their way into the house. Small spiders frequently set up their webs on my windowsill, and I’ve seen them catch gnats and ants that would have otherwise been bothering me. As long as you keep an eye on them, they shouldn’t become a problem.

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    I think this probably depends on where you live.  In most cases, they are probably no problem.  However, if you live in a region with venomous spiders, you may want to watch out for those ones in your house.  If you disturb them they may attack.

    Here is a useful spider identification website with information about their venom toxicity and habitat: http://www.termite.com/spider-identification.html

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    Most spiders are beneficial to have in your home in that they feed on other pests and bugs.  They also are considered “clean bugs” because they do not carry diseases and bacteria on their bodies.  They can have bacteria on their fangs, which may be transmitted via bites.  Bites are dangerous when the spiders are venomous, but most common household spiders are not poisonous.  Bites from non-poisonous spiders can be irritating to the skin causing a red bump similar to a mosquito bite in appearance, although they are not dangerous. 

    Consult the identification chart below in order to identify dangerous spiders from harmless ones you may see in your house. 

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