Other than no water what are some of the up sides to astroturf?



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    Unlike grass, it never needs to be cut and retains its color despite the weather or season.  Pest-control is a non-issue, and it is easily cleaned.  Finally, it is made up of recycled rubber products such as used tires and shoes that would otherwise go in a landfill. 

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    There are a lot of maintenance costs that go away when using astroturf. There is no mowing involved and also doesn’t need any fertilizers or pesticides.  For schools and stadiums, it also provides a safe and uniform playing surface as well as reduces impact injuries.

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    From an environmental perspective, the low maintenence mentioned above means less fuel consumption and overall energy use.

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    yes their are alot of advantages to having fake grass but no fake grass can take the place of good old auzzie lawn

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