Other than the low flow toilet what are some other inventions that have been made to save water?



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    Saving greywater (all wastewater excluding toilet water) is one of the best ways to recycle water in the home.  Basically any wastewater from the home that does not contain human waste is called greywater.

    Greywater is useful for landscaping and irrigation purposes. There are several greywater recycling systems which can be retrofitted to your home plumbing system.  Here is some more information on greywater recycling with links to a company which sells greywater recycling systems.


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    Rain barrels help save water. My mom hardly had to turn on the hose at all last year to water our gardens because she was able to use water collected from her rain barrel exclusively. 

    There is a new showering device to hit the markets that will reduce the flow of water or stop it completely when you are not standing under the show head, so you don’t waste water when you are shampooing or soaping up. 

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