Other than the industrial revolution what in history do you think has been the worst thing for the environment?



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    There are few if any man-made actions that wreaked more environmental havok than the continuing effects of the Industrial Revolution. 

    Let’s turn to nature instead!  A very well-known event of environmental destruction was the K-T extinction event when, 65,000,000 years ago, an asteroid hit the Earth and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.  While there have been multiple large-scale extinction events over Earth’s history, this is the one that sticks out most in my mind. 

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    The Soviet Union nuclear power plant accident (Chernobyl) was pretty horrible.  It happened in 1986 and caused dozens of casualties, destroyed surrounding areas of land, disrupted agricultural practice and has likely led to as many as 4,000 cancer deaths, with as many as 600,000 exposed to highly toxic radiation.  Estimates suggest 5% of the radioactive reactor core was released into the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. 

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    I think the recent environmental movement has been pretty bad believe it or not. It is often characterized by corruption and corporativism. Companies have been using the environmental movement to increase their market values, shares, etc. They are rebranding themselves as green in order to gain more capital. For instance look at McDonalds, they are changing the background log to green to signify being more environmental, but what have they really done???? Additionally, look at these large organizations like the Sierra Club and check out the salaries of their CEOs. They are ridiculous!!!

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    I would say the discovery of oil in the Gulf states and the subsequent popularity and craze for oil due to its use in family cars, household products, and big industry alike. Not only has it caused damage to the natural environment, including landscapes in the mid-East, Venezuela, and Alaska, but it has also done irreparable damage to the human environment, that is, the status of diplomacy and friendship between nations. Oil lust is no good!

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