Other than humans what are some causes of global warming?



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    One little known contributing factor is actually cow’s flatulence. One UN report actually states that “growing herds of cattle [are] the greatest threat to the climate, forests and wildlife.”

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      It’s true that cows generate methane, a potent greenhouse gas. However, this is still essentially human-generated, because we herd cows for milk and beef. There aren’t really any natural herds of cows, they have been completely domesticated.

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    Volcanoes are one of the biggest causes of natural greenhouse gases, as well as wildland fires (wildfires), and water vapor trapping heat at the earth’s surface. As a whole, the natural causes pale in comparison to the anthropogenic (man-made) causes.

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    One of the biggest claims of climate change skeptics is that global warming is caused by solar variation. They say in recent years the sun has simply been burning hotter. It is scientifically well established that solar variation exists, but there is no reason to think it’s behind the current global warming trend.

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