Other than humans do Cheetahs have any predators?



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    Cheetahs do not have predators when they are adults. Cheetah cubs, however, have a high rate of mortality because they are preyed upon by other carnivores. Cheetahs have a high rate of reproduction, so adult safety is of greater importance than cub survival.

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    Cheetahs do not have any real predators since they are not considered prey (food) by any other animals. However, cheetahs’ competing predators are usually much stronger to cheetahs and will kill them given the chance (lions). They also usually lose their prey to other predators as well.

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    Because cheetahs are built for speed, they have sacrificed much of the power that other predators have.  While few animals explicitly hunt the cheetah, they’re easily overpowered and injured both by other predators and many of their prey animals. 

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