Other than humans do adult crocodiles have any predators?



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    Not really, large herbivores like elephants and hippos can pose a serious threat though. Panthers are sometimes able to take down crocs up to seven feet but a fully mature 14 foot half ton croc is a different story. They are not invincible and are particularly vulnerable when they are young. Their main weakness is that their stamina is very low compared with mammals. There is even one instance of two river otters dancing around a black caiman until it grew so exhausted they were able to eat it’s tail while it was still alive!

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    Adult crocodiles have no natural predators. Therefore, adult crocodiles are known to be apex predators – animals with no natural predators in its ecosystem. 

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    Hippos and elephants are often enemies of adult nile crocodiles.

    Black bears have been known to kill and prey on 16 ft american crocodiles on occasion.

    Tigers can kill up to 12 ft 500 lb mugger crocodiles, but a 15 ft 1000 lb mugger crocodile is too dangerous and powerful.

    Saltwater crocodiles do not have predators, but sometimes large water buffalo have been known to kill them on land.

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