Other than getting honey what are some advantages to being a bee keeper?



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    The plants around you will produce more because they will have local pollinators.   As a beekeeper you have a connection with nature that has a positive influence on your state of mind.    Langstroth “the Father of American Beekeeping” kept bees a way of managing his clinical depression.   If you are a professional and choose a method of beekeeping such as the Perone method, you’re expenses and workload will be a lot less than other beekeeping systems and you’ll have a lot more free time.  Also there are other products that you can get from bees such as their wax which can be used in candles, pollen which like honey is medicinal, and propolis, which can be used to make chewing gum or is also a homeopathic remedy for dental cavities.   One of the beekeepers I know also does an alternative medical therapy called “apitherapy.”  To relieve pain, congestion, or more complicated issues like the symptoms of menopause, she stings people with bees.    She has a successful business doing this in South America.  I’m not sure what the regulations would be like in other parts of the world.  

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