Other than farmers markets is there a way to buy locally?



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    Yes. More and more supermarkets are incorporating locally grown items. If you have an i phone the application “locavore” will make your search a little easier. Smaller and private grocery stores may also carry more locally grown items. They aren’t always marked so the best way to know is to just ask. If you do attend farmers markets, ask the various booths if they sell their items anywhere else and that should also help narrow down your search.

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    Aside from buying from your local Food CoOp (which sell a majority of local and organic foods), buying straight from local farms is the best option after farmer’s markets. Even if you live in the city, chances are there are farms neary, and most will have the option to buy from them directly. Produce and other products like honey are often cheaper when purchased from the farm itself, since 80% of all farms in the US are small or family owned, and don’t require large packaging facilities or delivery trucks. In this day and age, many family farms struggle to make ends meet, so buying locally from them will not only reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out transportation costs, it will also give you a warm feeling in your heart knowing you helped them out. Plug your zip code into http://www.localharvest.org and find a farm near you!

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    Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is method of connecting farmers and eaters that is gaining popularity. Basically if you were to have a CSA share you would be buying a “share” of the farm’s crop that season and it usually ranges between $350-$550. You pay up front, which enables the farmer to use the money throughout the growing season, and in return you get a part of each week’s harvest. This is a great way to support a farm, get to know the farm and farmers that grow your food, and even learn more about the agricultural process. Local harvest, mentioned above, also has a listing of CSA programs by zipcode.

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