Other than the empire state building are there any skyscrapers in New York that are trying to be green?



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    Yes, there most certainly are. 

    The Condé Nast buliding at 4 Times Square was the first green skyscraper in the city.  It uses solar and fuel cells for energy, is well insulated and has 50% more fresh air than is required. 

    The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park (overlooking Bryant Park) is now the 2nd tallest in the city and used green building products and techniques, including recycled materials, bamboo, fossils and sustainable wood.  It generates 2/3 of its own energy and the windows are insulated.  It also has natural gas fuel cells for energy and LED sensors that sense sunlight, maximizing efficiency when combined with the large windows that let in a lot of natural light.  It has LEED-platinum certifiation.

    The Hearst Tower is the first in NYC that received LEED Gold certification.  80% of the steel used to build it was recycled and much of the floor and ceiling is recycled material.  It uses rainwater collection to supply 50% of the building’s water needs. 

    These are the most famous ones but they are certainly not the only ones!


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